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                         MY SHAKLEE STORY      


    Hello and welcome to my Shaklee story page.   I am so happy you took the time to visit and I want you to know that I am here to help you achieve better health!

   When I first started to use Shaklee products many years ago to help achieve better health for our family, I had no idea that the products would make such a dramatic positive impact.    I am intensely passionate about health and have always believed that our health is the greatest gift that we are given.   I feel so blessed to have been able to share Shaklee products with my family and now that my kids have all grown up,  I know that I have given them the best start and they are able to take with them the knowledge of what great nutrition can do and healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.  

 What are your needs??   What would you like to see improve in your family??  Whether it is the best most natural whole food supplements, safe inch/weight loss products that taste unbelievably delicious and are clinically tested and proven to work, 100% safe personal care products & anti-aging skin care, Shakleebaby gentle personal care,  or non-toxic cleaning products that cost pennies to use and are so gentle on our planet, Shaklee has it all!  Whatever it is that your family needs,  Shaklee has products that can help.  When you pick Shaklee, you will know three things to be true:  It is always safe. It always works. And it is always green.

I have also had the privilege to share Shaklee with other moms who have the same desire to help acheive greater health for their families while earning an income while being a stay-at-home mom.   We have all found that when you share Shaklee, you change people's lives. Shaklee offers you the chance to reclaim your hopes and dreams for the future while making a difference in the lives of your family and your communities - all while earning cash, even a career income as well as cars, & trips.    And the best part is that your business cannot grow unless you help others!   

I would be so happy to share more with you about the Shaklee Opportunity and how you can begin to share better health with your family and help others too!   I am truly looking forward to hearing from you!